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Professional training in modern de-escalation skills for municipalities, teachers, security services, police, and customer service professionals. Our programs address communication, mental health training, decision-making, situational awareness, and stress modulation for improved performance and resiliency.

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We are an internationally recognized professional training network that provides evidence-based, researched programs that address the modern, relevant, and practical needs of professionals looking to update or increase their skill sets. Human-based solutions to conflict management, de-escalation, and incident response. Mental health response training for municipal front-line staff as well as expert training courses for instructors and teachers looking to modernize their approach with reality-based training and content.

Next Upcoming Training Events: Greater Sudbury Baton and Arrest Procedures, Greater Sudbury Transit De-escalation, INDUS De-escalation Training, and the City of Toronto New Corporate Security Training.

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Using a module-based approach, we customize our content to match your exact training and performance needs. We focus heavily on skill practice, using a variety of modalities, including scenarios, to build confidence and competence. We work with our clients, building long-standing training partnerships built on trust and outstanding service.

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The training was a “game-changer” for our district. I attended both days and witnessed the officers with renewed energy and excitement for the future of Reality Based Training.

District Chief

US Federal Probation

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