International Performace Resilience and Efficiency Program 2024 ©™

Accredited train-the-trainer programs in resilience and performance

The International Performance Resilience and Efficiency Program (iPREP) is a resilience program tailored to address the physiological impact of the high stressors that officers experience. In this program, officers learn techniques that help them during high-stress situations and after these situations, to restore their physiology to adaptive levels. iPREP has been used to help hundreds of police officers worldwide. ​This program has proven very successful, as participating officers have shown significantly reduced lethal force errors ​(in training) ​for twelve months after taking the program​ (Andersen et al., 2018). In addition, this program has been shown to reduce anticipatory cortisol (Andersen et al., 2016). Given these benefits, along with others, iPREP is a critical piece in assisting police officers to modulate their physiology and improve long-term physical and mental health.​

Georgia State University