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Professional De-escalation Training


Our evidence-based approach to de-escalation is different from other providers, in that we take it from a customer service point of view. How do you provide excellent service, even when the person or situation you are dealing with is emotionally triggered and escalating? Our practical, research-driven process provides direct and specific interventions and techniques that change the negative upward direction to one that is positive and solution-based.

Mental Health Training For Municipal Staff


This professional course is designed specifically for front-line staff who are in positions where they have to engage with people who have mental health challenges. This course is intended to give a broad overview of a variety of conditions, emotional escalation, mental health statistics, and best practices. The training you are about to take is meant to bridge the gap between health professionals and police, providing evidence-based information and content to front-line workers. This course provides information on myths, stigma, and common behavior related to specific mental health conditions. The content is directly applicable to law enforcement, municipal staff, customer service, and healthcare professionals.

Facilitation & Teaching Course


This course is designed for new or existing teachers and instructors looking to update their skill sets. The course looks at modern, skill-based training practices and provides tools in validating students, de-escalation, course design, outcomes and classroom engagement. The course modules include a look at who adult learners are, learning types, providing professional feedback, positive reinforcement and storytelling.

Self-Regulation for Stress: Optimize Resilience, Health & Performance

Coming Soon (March 2023)

Learn the skills of self-regulation for better health and improved performance. Practical, immediately applicable skills and techniques are taught that allow you to change your own physiology and recognize and minimize your own stress responses leading to improvements in decision-making and situational awareness. This content is highly researched and has been delivered on the world stage to a wide variety of professionals.


“The best training I have had to date. I would like to get more of it. The training and activities were well planned and I really enjoyed the scenarios and instructor feedback”
De-escalation Training 2023
“Hands down the best training course I’ve taken to date. The course material was relevant and challenging enough to keep me alert and attentive.
P. (Mississauga, Corporate Security)”
 Facilitation Course – 2023