A fundamental difference in our approach to training and serving clients

A tailor-made product. Our programs are anchored in a specific structure but are tailored to fit your specific organizational needs. Customized content and delivery that ensures the training is not only received but retained.

Adherence to adult learning theory. Step Training Inc. remains mindful and committed to not only the content but HOW the content is delivered. Our programs are built around how adults encode information and the training is supported through the direct application using Reality Based Training.

Content Refreshers. As part of our service, we offer online content refreshers at the three and six-month markers. We know retention of skills and information is tied to re-exposure to the material. Research shows that 12 months is too long for people to retain new skills learned. We address this directly.

Partnership. Step Training Inc. has built long-standing partnerships with our clients. We are committed to a holistic approach to training, being mindful of all areas, so that a cohesive message can be delivered. We make ourselves available and are always ready to respond to an immediate need. Our approach is to build training platforms WITH you, not for you.

Continued Updates to Content. Through our researchers and professional content development team we assure you that our content remains modern and relevant. Regular updates are made based on current public expectations and the science of education. What was valid last year is not likely valid today.