Steven Poplawski

Chief Executive Officer Step Training Inc.
Key Note Speaker | Expert Trainer & Facilitator | Researcher

Having worked in law enforcement for over two decades, I found a personal passion for professional training, education, and making real contributions to other people’s development. As an expert professional trainer, I have always resisted the notion of “awareness training”, looking to create skill-based learning programs that lead to high-level performance and professional knowledge. The foundation of my professional work is based on the promotion of consistent directed practice and the delivery of outstanding service.

“The true purpose of a trainer is not to simply relay information, but rather, to in still a desire in students to self-develop and commit to the learning process.”

I’m dedicated to the development of real skills and training methodologies that meet the demands and public scrutiny of our modern society. Through a model of service, we teach how to make real, meaningful connections with people, and in doing that meet the obligation of committed professional service.

Steve Poplawski

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