The Tactical Optimizer Program (TOP) consists of physiological tools tailored to optimize performance with tactical operators

TOP is an evidence-based specialized program taken from the International Performance Resilience and Efficiency Program (iPREP).

iPREP is a resilience program tailored to address the physiological impact of the high stressors that tactical officers experience. Our optimizer program utilizes the core tools of iPREP, supported by a decade of applied research, and applies specific human “overrides” that allow tactical officers to perform optimally within stressful incidents and environments.

This program is designed to work seamlessly with your existing training. These new tools are added to your ongoing training programs and used to maximize the results from the training you currently run.

Designed specifically for tactical units and teams, the Tactical Optimizer allows trainers to gain additional benefits by addressing stress in their officers and the impact it has on reaching objectives.

Proven outcomes from this program have included increased situational awareness, more optimal heart rates in officers, and improved decision-making.

Contact us to get specific details on how this optimizer can add value to your training programs and operational-tactical teams.