Greater Sudbury Security and Transit Operators

Step Training Inc. has been working in Greater Sudbury for a number of years, initially providing de-escalation and incident response training to their Bylaw team. When the city decided to create a new security team, we were again asked to provide core training. We were privileged to be part of the launch of this new front-line service, and have continued to work with both groups on an annual basis.

In providing the ongoing training, it was determined that many of the incidents being responded to revolved around transit. Incidents of escalation had been occurring between bus drivers and riders. In a discussion with transit management, we agreed that there was both an opportunity and a need to provide the same professional de-escalation training to the bus drivers. They were in fact, normally the first point of contact with escalated people.

The goals were to increase safety, to have a professional approach to emotional escalation, and to be consistent in our skills and language, between security staff and transit staff. Both sides working towards the same goal of positive, safe customer interactions.

The result has been extremely positive. Now both groups share in the same training and approaches to these situations when they arise.

In building training for your municipality, it is important that there is a commonality between approaches, expectations, and outcomes among your different services. We want to avoid “Sillo” training, and bring everyone together as a unified team. In most cases, it is not one group interacting with the public, but many, all bringing professional service to your community.