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Professional Service-Based De-escalation and Supporting Courses

Step Training Inc. is the industry leader in providing expert, professional evidence-based de-escalation training to municipalities, enforcement officers, and front-line staff. This would include security and bylaw, customer service, transit, front desk personnel, and outreach staff. We specialize in building industry-specific content for municipal areas that is both practical and relevant to the position.

Our current de-escalation programs center around a professional model of service that deals directly with emotional escalation. We break down the difference between professional needs and human needs and use concrete skills to navigate heightened emotions. Our model and approaches use a number of interventions for escalated emotions, including personalization, validation, building “value”, the “offer” positioning, and outcome-oriented actions. The program is geared toward “front-line” staff who are dealing with people’s temporary acute emotions.

Our modern training focuses on identifying the “trigger” of the emotional response. It is only through addressing the trigger, that lasting de-escalation can occur. Our program identifies major triggers that account for most human emotional escalations.

Key areas of Instruction:

Our courses in de-escalation include training in the following areas: positioning, situational awareness, personalization, validation, emotional interventions, professionalism, progress, outcome-oriented actions, mental health, and vulnerable populations.

Lastly, we define what de-escalation is. Most believe de-escalation is simply an extension of communication. This is not correct. De-escalation operates independently of communication, and our programs explain and demonstrate this in clear specific detail.

Level One Instruction: Online Learning

This is an online course that offers the education and research that supports professional de-escalation. The course is approximately 12 hours of independent learning and takes the student through concepts and techniques related to controlling emotional escalation. The course is supported through knowledge checks, and video and audio lessons.

Additional Online Training Programs include Mental Health, Facilitation & Coaching, and Managing Your Own Physiology.

Level Two Instruction: In-Person Courses

This in-person instruction on professional de-escalation is led by two certified master Instructors. This course includes direct practice and the application of skills through Reality-Based Training. The student is immersed in the training and gets a chance to apply the new skills under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor.

When possible, our de-escalation course is best delivered over a two-day period. This gives time for students to ask appropriate questions, test material, and work within a reality-based training environment (RBT).

Note: When needed, the course can be modified into a one-day format, and stills allow for some Reality Based Training and direct practice.

Supportive additional courses for in-person instruction include mental health, managing physiology for increased performance, and situational awareness.

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Applied Evidence-based Training

Experts in the Management of Escalated People

” The core programs delivered through Step Training Inc. are integrated and designed to support one another. Each area draws from the others and offers a unique perspective and set of skills in support of professional de-escalation and customer service. The totality of the training focuses on human needs, mental health, escalated emotions, and safety. Delivered through practical training, these courses are established training pillars to front-line staff ”  Steve Poplawski CEO