Step Training Inc. Leadership Team

Steven Poplawski

CEO of Step Training Inc.

Having worked in the law enforcement field for over two decades, I found a personal passion for professional training and education. I have always resisted the common notion of “awareness training”, looking to create practical real skill-based learning programs that lead to high-level performance and professional knowledge. The foundation of my professional work is based on the promotion of practice and dedication to excellence in service.

Donald Back

Director of Operations & Training – Step Training Inc.

Having worked in law enforcement for the past 31 years, I always found myself drawn to training and education.  My passion to provide top professional training continued once I became a certified Police Use of Force Instructor in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Judith Andersen, PhD

Director of Research and Development – Step Training Inc.

Professor Andersen is a health psychologist who specializes in bio-psycho-social research on stress and stress-related mental and physical health issues. With more than 15 years of experience working with individuals in high-stress occupations, she led the development of a reality-based training program (iPREP) shown to reduce police lethal force errors through the modulation of stress physiology.

Dr. Joseph Arpaia, MD.

Senior Content Developer – Step Training Inc.

During my 30 years as a physician I have listened to people describe their experience of stress and how stress affects their performance, health, and relationships. I have consistently worked to develop effective, precise, and practical methods to help people reduce the negative effects of stress.