De-escalation Training for Managing Escalated Emotions

Operational Training for Front-Line Staff

Available Online And In-Person

Our researched evidence-based model of professional de-escalation takes you through a practical set of approaches to handling emotional escalation. This program has been delivered internationally and to a wide variety of organizations. Topics include situational awareness, personalization, defining de-escalation, validation, and interventions for addressing venting and closed emotional loops. Types of behavior are addressed as well as learning the art of “recognizing noise” and its impact on your approach and outcomes.

Our system places a strong focus on methods of approach, building specific techniques that deal with emotional situations. Officer/member safety, public acceptance, and positive outcomes are the foundation of this training. Students learn how to disengage their own ego, to see noise for what it is, an emotional response. Students are taught to stay focused on the outcome and to professionally navigate around the person’s emotional reactions.

In moments of high emotions, customers, clients, and members of the public need professionals able to demonstrate assertiveness while maintaining a calm demeanor. The value of the person’s concerns is maintained but the emotions are redirected so that solutions can be achieved.

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