De-escalation Training for Customer Service

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Training that focuses on managing triggered emotions of the customers you serve.

(Level 2 – In Person)

Step training Inc. offers a professional de-escalation course developed and designed for your specific customer service needs. Is the customer always right? We know the answer is “no” but as professionals, we are better to focus on what triggered the emotion and work towards compliance and acceptance. Using practical, evidence-based tools and strategies, you learn to get past the emotional noise and make real connections with people. You will learn the value of making personal connections first, before addressing your professional needs.

We do not subscribe to the widely taught “just let them vent” approach. As a professional, you are better than being a sounding board for people’s frustrations. What they actually seek is a solution to the issue that has triggered them, and in meeting this need you, in fact, de-escalate the situation. We teach modern interventions that have the backing of research and applied application on the global stage. This content has been delivered around the world and to a variety of professionals including managers, customer service representatives, probation officers, police, front desk staff and teachers.

We specialize in addressing the real needs of customer service and offer a modern approach that is “needs” focused.