Modern Online Learning

Step Training Inc. and its MyPro Learning Hub

Step Training Inc. is a network of highly skilled professional trainers actively involved in providing adult education, skill-based learning, and university-level courses in areas of de-escalation, stress modulation, and customer service. Our programs center around human interactions and the techniques of validation, personalization, and professional conflict resolution.

Through the MyPro Learning Hub, industry experts build online courses for municipalities, customer service, and law enforcement professionals. Resisting the notion of “awareness training” we look to instead create real in-depth online programs that lead to lasting high-level performance and professional knowledge. We strongly promote a training model that is based on the delivery of exceptional service. The training we offer centers around practicality, with the focus being on the application of modern, relevant professional skills. Grounded in evidence-based research, our online content will exceed both your and the industry’s expectations.

Modern Relevant Online Training