Quality Assurance Results from Collected Evaluation Surveys

The Step Training Inc. de-escalation course has been well received by participants. The majority found the course overall to be informative, engaging, relevant, and interesting. The Step Inc. instructors received high praise on evaluations for their insightful teaching and presentation of the course material. The use of Reality-Based Training played a significant role in students’ ability to demonstrate and apply the new techniques. The following graphs are part of a research study conducted by Hannah Brierley, that looked at course evaluations (over three years) and analyzed them to determine if students were satisfied with the program delivery and content. Five criteria were examined. A positive rating of 98.6 percent has been achieved and maintained since 2016.

TCPS 2 Article 2.5 Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement study completed for Step Training Inc.

De-escalation Training Feedback Analysis